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If you are worried that your mosaic floor is showing signs of age, we can advise you.


We undertake all work, from simple cleaning and sealing to full scale restoration of the tiled surface and subfloor.


A typical restoration commission might involve the following.


1. Removal and cleaning of existing mosaic surface

The original tiles would be carefully taken up, sorted and adhesive residues removed in order for as many to be reused as possible.


2. Provision of subfloor suitable for tiling.

The gradual degradation of the subfloor is the normal reason why the mosaic surface is breaking up. The Victorian builder did not have access to plywood or flexible adhesives.


3. Rebuilding of mosaic surface.

The mosaic surface would be built onto removable paper backing sheets then cut into sections for ease of transport. New or reclaimed tiles would be blended into the mosaic to replace those lost or too badly damaged to be reused.


4. Refitting of mosaic surface

As the layout work has already been done, this is generally a very quick process. Another advantage of using backing sheets for this type of work is that the finished surface is very smooth.


5. Cleaning and sealing surface.

Finally, the surface would be cleaned and sealed to provide a low maintenance durable finish.



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