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How long does it take to do and how much upheaval and mess would there be?


Obviously this varies depending on the nature of the work required.


A typical hallway which requires a few minor repairs, cleaning and sealing would take two days. There would be a short gap between cleaning and sealing to allow the floor to dry thoroughly. The floor would be useable at all times although care would have to taken during and immediately after sealing. There would be very little mess and any adjacent carpets would be protected.


A typical hallway requiring complete renovation would take five to six days on-site. There would be a gap of two to four weeks between the lifting of the floor and its re-installation (this period will vary between jobs, we will try and give you an accurate idea and keep you informed of our progress). After removal of the floor, you would be left with a clean and perfectly useable plywood or screeded surface. Depending on the nature of the subfloor there may be a small amount of mess, especially in basement areas. Access can normally be maintained through judicious use of planks.


Exterior pathways normally take four to five days to complete although, again, there may be gaps during the process to allow for drying. Adverse weather can also delay work.


We endeavour to carry out all work as quickley and cleanly as possible, we do experience delays, as a result of supply chain issues for example. We will try and keep you informed of what's happening and reduce any inconvenience to a minimum.


How much does it cost?


Work is priced on an individual basis. We give free estimates. A  clean and seal with a few minor repairs on a typical Victorian terraced hall floor would be £300-500+. A new hall floor £2500-3500+. A complete renovation of an existing mosaic £3500-4500+. These prices are just a rough guide.


Can you extend an existing floor?


This is normally perfectly feasible, Below is an example


























How do you leave the thresholds with other rooms?

Can you match the tile colours?

How do I maintain the surface?

Are the tiles slippery?


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